andy-and-dave-photo-1Andave Shopfitting had its humble beginnings in 1994 when two young tradesmen, Andy Carter and Dave Byrnes decided it was time to get serious about building quality cabinets and providing unparalleled customer service to go along with it.

Andave started out in a small single roomed factory in the old wine storage warehouses in Pickles Street, Port Melbourne. Before long the reputation of Andave was building as was the volume and variety of work that was being turned out. Dave and Andy pickup and moved to a larger premises to accommodate the ever increasing demand of the blossoming customer base and the increase in personal required to manage that demand.

The Andave team moved from Port Melbourne in 1995 to a much larger and more suitably sized factory in Braeside. The team felt this would be their new home for quite some time. However, with the continued growth in reputation and quantity and variety of work, the Andave team were on the move again in 1999 to De Havilland Road, Braeside and what was undoubtedly the new home for the foreseeable future.

De Havilland Road was Andave’s home for the next seven years and saw the transformation from a traditional manual cabinet-making workshop to a modern state of the art computer based, technology driven workshop. This new technology allowed Andave to expand even further and tackle work that was previously beyond its reach. The evolution that took place during the time at De Havilland was significant and ushered in a new era for Andave by firmly entrenching them in and allowing them to be fiercely competitive in the high-end residential property fit out market. It also spelt the need to yet further expansion. img_0169

This meant yet another move, which is Andave’s current location at Jarrah Drive, Braeside. In August 2006 Dave scouted the local commercial property market in Braeside for the ideal factory that would not only meet Andave’s current needs but also the needs for its medium to long-term growth. Dave wanted to remain in Braeside because of the strong ties Andave have formed with the local community including the sponsorship of a number of local clubs and charities.

In December 2006, the Andave team shifted to their new home at 41 Jarrah Drive. The Andave site boasts a 3500 square foot state of the art machining and manufacturing facility, a 4200 square foot assembly workshop and a 3500 square foot storage and holding facility. These facilities, the extensive experience of the Andave team along with a proven history of growth, evolution, learning and development enables Andave to tackle the most complex and challenging of tasks.

Andave is a proudly Australian owned and operated family business with a proven track record of delighting its customers over a 20 year period. The team at Andave would be thrilled to demonstrate to you why we are the most quality controlled, customer focused cabinetmaker in the industry.


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